Dynamic Small Spaces

The main intent of this project in collaboration with IKEA was to create opportunities for adults to exercise while performing daily activities. By incorporating body motion, which is not usually a feature of daily life furnishings within a limited space to stimulate body structures and keep them healthy for a longer period of time.

After analyzing interviews with professional contemporary dancers, 5 basic mock-ups have been developed in order to test the movement with possible stakeholders. Feedback from participants in combination with design decisions lead to the selection of the rotating lamp as the final product for this project.


theme | Dynamic Small Spaces
result | SNURRA rotating lamp
tutors | David Crafoord
Erika Lagerbielke
IKEA supervisor | Eva-Carin Banka Johnson
examiner | Peter Ullmark

I chose 5 basic "undeveloped" ideas in order to create simple mockups and test the most important aspect of this project - movement. The intention was to stimulate forgotten body parts, involve them in different directions and create more space inside body structures during the day.

Foot-operated drawer

Molger stair

Spine stretching

Wall lamp

Rotating lamp


creating circles

cut 12 circles

shaping plan

shaped circles

welding preparation

welding help

painting preparations




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